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We have developed and delivered powerful online tools to source and manage candidates to companies, municipalities and organizations since 2003. Since the beginning, we have had a clear vision; to simplify the everyday lives of our customers through cloud-based staffing management software and advanced recruiting tools.

We strive to keep a strong relationship with our customers by being responsive to their wishes and by providing quick and knowledgeable support. Of course, for us and our customers, Recroodr’s web-based tools will be at the top of the market in terms of functionality, ease of use and accessibility.

Today, over 400 workplaces use some of Recroodr’s tools in their operations.

Affordable recruiting software, staffing software, CRM for staffing firms, automated recruiting? 

We have the all in one solution for the complex needs of the recruitment management industry.


GDPR Ready

At Recroodr, we have actively been working to prepare our web-based tools before GDPR enters into force. The regulation aims to strengthen and modernize the EU Data Protection Act and to address the individual’s right and freedom – and that is something we value at Recroodr.

Recroodr - GDPR Recrutiment and Staffing
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£ 79
  • Recruitment tools that support and facilitate your recruitment throughout the process.
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£ 79
  • Staffing management tools that simplify and streamline the management of your staff.
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£ 99
  • Waste less time with additional service to Recroodr Staff that simplifies time reporting.
CRM for staffing firms

To recruit the right staff

Recruiting the right staff is the key to creating a workplace that is fun to work on, where you work efficiently, with passion and where your employees are especially adept

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Since the start in 2003, the focus has been on developing web-based tools that simplify the everyday lives of our customers. Within the framework of our focus, we have developed two tools that streamline and support different parts of staffing.