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A powerful staffing management tool

A staffing management tool that gives you full control of your additional manpower. Enhance management of your extras easier, more effective and more accurate.

Staffing tool for matchmaking of work passes

With Staff, it is a pleasure to book staff and manage their staffing plans. You as an employer easily post requests, book direct or let your staff book themselves. Your employees download an app where they can update their availability, view their bookings and get information about available passes via their smartphone.

Recrutiment and Staffing Tools
Staff simplifies, streamlines and quality assures the management of your extra staff, and our staffing tool also ensures that resources are always available on all devices.
Mattia Prskalo

Your staff can easily indicate through the Staff app what times they want to work.

The employer matches exactly those that suit the job and submit requests through the staffing tool.

You as an employer choose the staff should interest or book themselves. The passport can also be added directly by you as an employer.

Recroodr Time

Our Staffing Management System keeps track of time worked

Staff keeps track of your extra-personals worked hours by accumulating time, overbooking and double-booking protection so you can spend your time on something that develops your business.

When your staff reaches 150 hours worked, our crew system warns you not to overbook a person unnecessarily.

Trying to book staff who recently worked a passport will alert the system. The function is adapted to the customer’s conditions.

Obviously, your staff can not be double booked in Staff. The system will automatically clear employees already booked.

Reports that give you insight

By analyzing the statistics gathered in Recruit’s staffing tools, you as a responsible person provide a good basis for follow-up, governance and decision making. Valuable information that will help you develop the staffing of your extra staff.


For example, find out how many requests are placed and how many are added. What workplaces do the most staff book?


Get time reports from Staff as a basis for payroll management. Special adjustments for sending info to payroll systems are possible.


What periods do the staff lack and when do you have to invest in finding new ones? Examples of valuable information found in Staff.

Key features

  • 100% web-based
  • Mail and phone support
  • Create request and make targeted mail
  • Booking function via email and text message
  • Quick list with schedule overview
  • Message board with sms / email communication
  • Calendar overview of booked staff
  • Function for pause staff
  • Detailed booking history
  • Statistics that give you an overview
  • Create custom email templates
  • Invite function for new staff
  • Booking basis for time reporting
  • Mobile app for temporary staff / extra people
  • Automatic connection to payroll program
Recroodr Staff Logo

Spend your valuable time on something besides puzzling schedules!

Try for 30 days completely without counterclaim. You get started on your own. It only takes a few minutes. If you would like a review of the tool, just contact us via email or phone. If you want to continue after the trial you easily activate on your own. It should be easy to choose Recroodr Staff.